Monday, January 04, 2010

Book 1 of 52 -- Sue Grafton's U is For Undertow

I have been reading Grafton's alphabet series for a very long time now, and I really do enjoy Kinsey and the stuff she gets up to.

I didn't think that this book was stellar, but I thought it was still strong.

I found that there wasn't that much suspense and the plot was fairly predictable.

I like the mix of the times of 1988 and 1967 and the way Ms. Grafton goes back and forth between the two, and the characters are still very good although there isn't that much of Henry in this one.

The book is all Kinsey as she tries to find out what happened in a 20 year kidnapping case where a little girl has been missing since she was abducted.

I still love the series and I really like Kinsey and in this book we get another fascinating look at her as a young child.

Yes, I am waiting for "V".

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