Thursday, May 27, 2004

Hot Water Heater

When we had our new house inspected, we were told that we needed to do three things...

1. Rebuild the front steps.
2. Get a new hot water heater.
3. Check for oil tank removal paperwork.

1 & 3 were or are being taken care of.

#2 was on tap for this weekend. We were going to go out and buy a new one. as the old one is 20 years old or so. It was on our agenda!

Last night, Murphy's Law ran full force. I went down to check on my laundry (which is still sitting in the machine) and I stepped in a big puddle with only my socks on (THAT IS JUST ANOTHER HORRIBLE THING -- WET SOCKS -- BLECH).

The thing couldn't have waited two more days... could it?

The positive is that I caught it after only a few gallons had leaked. I turned off the valve... and now I am sitting here typing my blog while people make fun of me for not shaving. The laugh is on them though.. they don't know what I didn't wash. ;-)

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


I was driving on the Parkway today. There were four big US Customs trucks...on the side of the road...with guys in big US Customs coats and sniffing dogs...not something I wanted to see.


We experienced something awesome on Saturday. We went to see STeve Poltz in concert.

We love him.... but here is the catch. Someone who was friends with him... cleaned out their house and he played in their living room to 40 of us. As you know....I saw the show listed on his website.. I asked the owner to be invited..After some strong arming... we were allowed. we felt weird...but it was a great time... and talk about SUPER INTIMATE. His girlfriend also played.She had just appeared on What Do You KNow the night before. she is also a DJ on a local San Diego radio station) so I bought her 5 track cd.and I popped it in my cd player the next was 10 tracks of a mexican band. so I emailed her... and we have been emailing since... she is sending a replacement at no cost to her or me.. and the record company is sending me some other cd's and shirts...that's cool...

Getting Started

I am getting started with this thing. Dan convinced me to get going on this thing and since so much weird stuff happens to me.

Like this... I call it Brown Baby Boy


I went in to pee a few minutes ago. I hear... "Hello?" so... as seeing no one else standing at the stalls or sinks... I have now determined that it came from someone sitting on the toilet. The next thing I hear is... "Yeah... umm... is this John?" To which I am sure as hell not responding since I now have figured out that this man has his pants around his ankles... is pushing feces out .... and decides to say... hello...when he answers his cell phone! I then guess that he was asked... "Where are you... " as the next thing he said was... "ON the throne... ...... no.... literally.... pushing out a brown baby boy." I immediately had to leave. I love america.