Saturday, July 10, 2010

Book 26 of 52 -- Phillip Margolin's Supreme Justice

In order to enjoy this book you really do have to suspend belief a bit, because the US Supreme Court is hopefully, no where near as lively and dangerous a place as Margolin portrays it. However, the book is well crafted in the usual Margolin style and weaves several plot lines neatly together to produce a very good summer read, if not the five star effort we have come to expect from this author.

This book follows on from Executive Privilege with many of the same characters from that book getting up to their elbows and eyeballs in a piece of intrigue that is very,very dangerous.

The connector for the storylines is a petition for a writ of certiorari from a convicted murderer in Oregon to the Supreme Court, the granting of which will unravel some very large misdeeds done by some very important and powerful people who are willing to kill to prevent their misdeeds from being discovered.

Telling you more about the plot would do the book a disservice because the story has many unexpected and unforseen twists and turns which are the hallmark of this author. The court is in session....

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