Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Book 44 of 52 -- Linda Castillo's Sworn Into Silence

Kate Burkholder grew up Amish in small town Painter's Mill, Ohio.

She was banned by her community when she refused to join the church, so she moved to Columbus to live like "the English" and she eventually became a police officer.

Because of her past with the Amish community Kate was asked to become police chief of her hometown, a job she holds when the story opens.

In a short space of time, three women are killed by a serial killer who seems to be the same man who'd stalked the town, murdering young women sixteen years ago.

Kate knows it can't be the same man, but she can't tell anyone and this puts her in danger, because the killer has her in his sights.

This is a very good read, however I was just a little put off with the ending.

I thought Kate should have played a bigger role in getting herself out of trouble, but other than the fact that the author relied a bit to heavily on the hunky, moody state cop to help out our local sheriff, I really liked this book.

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