Friday, August 07, 2009

Book 45 of 52 -- Ben Mezrich's The Accidental Billionaires

If you can imagine what it may have been like at Harvard over the years during which facebook was created, then you don't need to read this book.

Why not? Because imagine--even wildly guess--is precisely what the author did. He admittedly had no access to Mark Zuckerberg, and seemingly no access to anyone or anything other than Eduardo Saverin and the Harvard Crimson newspaper, which led him to choose a "narrative" style of writing, whereby he filled in the gaping holes in the story with his own, overly-blown dramatic tales.

The book is rife with "you can imagine...", "he might have...", etc. Most of the time, the dramatic tales are patently obvious and unnecessary fabrications.

Is this a carefully researched, well-conceived story of the "founding of facebook" as advertised? No. At best, it's a business version of the trashy beach novel.

I would give the book 2 stars simply because the author is a good writer, even if the content is drivel.

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