Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Book 65 of 52 -- Jon Katz' Izzy & Lenore

OK, so it's not quite fair for me to review a Jon Katz book, because I am a dog lover. I

f you are like me and you'll cross the street to visit with a dog to give him a pat, ask the owner's his name, and never think to ask the owner's name, here is a book for you.

I have never read a Jon Katz dog book, or any of his non-dog books, and this one is a keeper.

Intense, yet sweet, it give you everything you want: mug shots of his adorable dogs, tear jerker stories within a story, and of course, more and more and more about the two stars of the book, Izzy & Lenore.

Read it. You'll eat it up.

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