Sunday, December 20, 2009

Survivor Samoa Finale!

We are live... in Florida... watching the finale and nowhere near our house which has about a foot of snow in the yard.

Heh heh.

The first immunity challenge is over and Bret has won again. The original Foa Foa Four now has to vote someone off...

First Tribal Council
Mick, Jaison, Jaison, Jaison
The fifth place finisher is: Jaison (Keep hope alive for Tucker's Nuts!)

Final Immunity Challenge
Wow... in what was a heart wrenching and suspenseful challenge, Russell barely edges out Bret to win the final immunity.

Second Tribal Council
Suspense is driving me nuts and it is down to Bret or Mick.
Brett, Mick, Brett, Brett... so that makes Brett the fourth place finisher.

The final three are Russell, Natalie, and Mick.

Final Vote Time to count! (Votes are FOR the million dollars.)


The winner is Natalie and Tucker's Nuts loses... again.

Tucker's Nuts
Mick Trimming (14) -- THIRD PLACE
Brett Clouser (10) -- FOURTH PLACE
Shannon Waters (18) -- Booted Week Thirteen
David Ball (15) -- Booted Week Twelve
Laura Morett (19) -- Booted Week Ten
Kelly Sharbaugh (11) -- Booted Week Nine
Elizabeth Kim (7) -- Booted Week Seven
Ashley Trainer (3) -- Booted Week Five
Betsy Bolan (2) -- Booted Week Two
Mike Borassi (6) -- Pulled out In Episode Two (Illness)

Natalie White (13) -- WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Russell Hantz (12) -- SECOND PLACE
Jaison Robinson (20) -- FIFTH PLACE
Monica Padilla (8) -- Booted Week Twelve
John Fincher (1) -- Booted Week Eleven
Erik Cardona (5) -- Booted Week Eight
Russell Swan (16) -- Removed in Week Six (Medevaced)
Yasmin Giles (17) -- Booted Week Four
Ben Browning (4) -- Booted Week Three
Marisa Calihan (9) -- Booted Week One

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