Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Book 33 of 52 -- Linda Castillo's Pray For Silence

Pray for Silence is a crime thriller about the investigation of a family massacre on an Amish farm in a small Ohio town. The case is particularly difficult for Police Chief Kate Burkholder, as she grew up Amish and the current case brings up her troubled past. This is strong writing with a good pace, tight plot, well-developed characters, and an interesting setting. The setting is one of the strongest aspects of the novel, as Linda Castillo does a great job of bringing the Amish community to life.

I would strongly recommended that you read the previous book, Sworn to Silence, before reading Pray for Silence. If you enjoy the crime/thriller genre (Kathy Reichs, Tess Gerritsen, Harlan Coben, et al), you're going to want to read them both anyway, and they will be much better in proper sequence. The first book, Sworn to Silence, is even better than Pray for Silence as it delves much deeper into Kate Burkholder's past. This background is alluded to in Pray for Silence, but you wont' get the full effect without having read the first book.

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