Monday, August 09, 2010

Book 36 of 52 -- Janet Evanovich's Sizzling Sixteen

I wouldn't go so far as I didn't like this book, but it was a let down. There seemed to be a serious disconnect between Stephanie and Morrelli. Usually there is more tension between the Morrelli and Ranger vying for Stephanie, and here we barely hear a peep out of Morrelli. Lulu was also figured very promiently, maybe too much so. I would've also like to have seen more interaction between Grandma Mazur and Stephanie's long suffering parents---that's always entertaining. Maybe I expected too much---I'm always thrilled when I hear of a new Plum book coming out---but this one didn't quench my thrist.

I'm also wondering if I missed something. The jacket said something about Vinny running up porn charges from Rangers apartment. I didn't see any mention of that. Was it ommitted or did I skip some pages???

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