Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Book 7 of 52 -- Laura Pedersen's Heart's Desire

I really enjoyed BEGINNER'S LUCK, the first book in this projected four-book series by Laura Pedersen and I loved the intrepid teenage heroine, Hallie Palmer, and the author's straightforward, funny, clever writing style and turns-of-phrase.

Hallie's story continues in the second book, HEART'S DESIRE, during the summer after her first year away at college.

Hallie returns to the wildly eccentric, wonderful Stockton household, pre-occupied with (someday) losing her virginity, finding true love, and figuring out if the two are inextricably linked.

She's also faced with new crises to solve, both in her old family and in her new one, and another 60-second mystery, in addition to figuring out how to fund her second year of art school (legally).

The Sex issue comes up again; actually, it is pervasive throughout HEART'S DESIRE, as 17-year-old Hallie grapples with the complexities of love and sex.

Laura Pedersen again handles this subject exceptionally well, with humor and sensitivity.

I enjoyed the interviews with the author at the end of each book, and look forward to continuation of the Hallie Palmer series.

Even though it's fiction and a lot of the scenarios are perposterous, it's a fun and sweet book.

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