Thursday, February 05, 2009

Book 9 of 52 -- Rob Sheffield's Love Is A Mix Tape‏

On a flight from San Diego to Newark, I sat down with light and fluffy Love Is A Mix Tape by Rolling Stone music writer Rob Sheffield.

Rob decided to write a tribute to his wife Renee through a gimmick ridden book.

I know that I am going to take some shit for writing that, but it's true.

Sheffield is a good writer who was forced to spend about 50 of the 209 pages making the gimmick of relating a mix tape made by him seem related to incidents in his life.

It all seemed like a stretch to me and distracted me from the stories he was telling.

The meat of the book comes in the last 65 pages and it is his best writing and had me extremely emotional.

Love is not a mix tape - it's the shared experiences of two people and that's what was interesting about the book.

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