Monday, April 13, 2009

Book 25 of 52 -- Martin Clark's Plain Heathen Mischief

One thing that I like to do for fun is read - and Martin Clark's "Plain Heathen Mischief" is just a plain fantastic read!

Clark is John Grisham with a Phd in life and the inner struggles of the soul.

Protagonist, the Rev. Joel King, is no cutout caricature cleric.

This man is real!

He, like the Old Testament's King David, is "a man after God's own heart".

A man who is flawed, yet faithful. Broken, yet not beyond repair.

A rascal, who like the prodigal son, comes to himself; and makes his way back to the loving Father.

Clark's book should be required reading in all theological seminaries as he deals with sin seriously, and with a sense of humor and hope and the gracious possibilities of redemption.

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