Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dancing With the Stars -- Premiere Week -- Night 2


As we did last night, we get a hot intro, but with the female professional dancers.

Eventually the 200 person parade of stars is here and I thought Natalie Coughlin and Macy Gray were going to fall down the stairs. Tom Delay is having so much fun. I almost tempted to vote for him just so we can watch him make a silly face of himself.

Debi Mazar & Maksim Chmerkovskiy are up first. This could be he most interesting pairing since both of them are rather strong personalities. Cool... Please melt down. :) She's funny and talks a lot... Their Salsa is Salsay. You can tell she is trying hard, but she has a series of subtle mess ups and she could smile a bunch more. She doesn't seem so sure of herself. The judges think she has some potential, but she is quite there yet. Her scores are 6, 5, 5 for a total of 16.

Melissa Joan Hart & Mark Ballas are up second... and I am reminded that she was Sabrina the Teenage Witch for SEVEN FRIGGING YEARS? She's no longer a teenager and that's what I am supposed to get from this since she has a deep voice now and two babies. They are dancing the Viennese Waltz. IF Mark is good at anything, it is choreographing -- and I don't have to like him personally though. The dance was nice. That's all I have. They though she did it right, but it was missing something because she was tense. Her scores are 6, 6, 6 for a total of 18.

Mya & Dmitry Chaplin are up third and she thinks that she is awesome because she sings well. She seems pretty vanilla to me. She has tap danced a lot but never ballroom so that means... she is a dancer and will do well. Dammit. Her dance is confident and it is just a Vienese Waltz. It is the nicest dance so far tonight. The judges agree since it is a statement, but LEn hates what Chaplin choreographed and it gets very loud and very contentious. Her scores are 8, 5, 8 for a total of 21.

Kathy Ireland & Tony Dovolani are up fourth. She admits to letting herself turn into aa huge fatty. That was a surprise. She seems sweet and I am inclined to like her. I am not sure she is going to do well though. They are dancing the Salsa. I also forgot how tall she is. I thought that overall, it was good, but there was some unfortuante dancing in the middle. The judges agree so I expect some mediocre scores. Her scores are 6, 5, 5 for a total of 16.

Natalie Coughlin & Alec Mazo are up fifth and I am reminded that she is endearing but boring. She has to "sink or swim." She is doing the Sals and I am actually impressed by it even though there is some uncertainty to the whole thing. The judges again say... "Good, but not quite there... " That is boring me too. Her scores are 7, 6, 6 for a total of 19.

Macy Gray & Jonathan Roberts are up sixth and I love that she is just odd and free. Jonathan Roberts is a bad ass as we all know and this is going to be a frigging train wreck. I think she's high as a kite right now. Her video is odd. They are dancing the Vienese Waltz and it doesn't start off well... Poor Jonathan Roberts. He always gets shit on. Carrie won't discuss technique, but thinks that her genuine-osity is sweet. Len calls it vulnerability and charm. Her scores are 6, 4, 5 for a total of 15.

Joanna Krupa & Derek Hough is up second to last and we are reminded that she is a strong personality. Of course... she wears a bikini top a lot of the time. They are dancing the Salsa and she has quite the flamboyant yellow frilly dressy. Derek can sure choreograph. She actually looks good out there, but I am sure that I am looking at it through rose colored glasses. Len liked it because it was actually a "hot smoking Salsa." Bruno and Carrie Ann agree. Her scores are 8, 8, 8 for a total of 24.

Kelly Osbourne & Louis Van Amstel are up last and she is a singer and the daughter of Kelly Osbourne. I think it is because she wants to show off her girlie side. In the video segment, they pull out Ozzy and Sharon for laughter. Ha ha... time to turn the tomboy into a lady. They are dancing the Vienese Waltz and there is a bit of awkwardness to the dance, but it isn't bad from my point of view. Actually... I liked it a lot... Her scores are 7, 8, 8 for a total of 23.

Before we get the Rally dances, let's get have a chat with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne right now who are incredibly happy and sweet.

Rally Dances!!!!!

The first set of four dancers is Natalie Coughlin & Alec Mazo, Kathy Ireland & Tony Dovolani, Debi Mazar & Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and Joanna Krupa & Derek Hough. They will be dancing the Foxtrot. The video montage is just what I expected... and away we go... No one stands out to me... so that is tough for the judges.

The final results of the first rally dance are:
1. Joanna Krupa & Derek Hough
2. Natalie Coughlin & Alec Mazo
3. Debi Mazar & Maksim Chmerkovskiy
4. Kathy Ireland & Tony Dovolani

The second of four dancers is Melissa Joan Hart & Mark Ballas, Mya & Dmitry Chaplin, Macy Gray & Jonathan Roberts, and Kelly Osbourne & Louis Van Amstel. They will be dancing the Cha Cha Cha. The video montage is almost the exact same to me. Oh well.

The final results of the second rally dance are:
1. Mya & Dmitry Chaplin
2. Kelly Osbourne & Louis Van Amstel
3. Melissa Joan Hart & Mark Ballas
4. Macy Gray & Jonathan Roberts

Tomorrow night... the lowest male and female stars scores and votes will be booted from the show!

We'll be at the U2 concert so don't tell us who got booted please.

Scores... Just a reminder!

Joanna Krupa & Derek Hough 24 + 10 -- 34
Kelly Osbourne & Louis Van Amstel 23 + 8 -- 31
Mya & Dmitry Chaplin 21 + 10 -- 31
Natalie Coughlin & Alec Mazo 19 + 8 -- 27
Melissa Joan Hart & Mark Ballas 18 + 6 -- 24
Debi Mazar & Maksim Chmerkovskiy 16 + 6 -- 22
Kathy Ireland & Tony Dovolani 16 + 4 -- 20
Macy Gray & Jonathan Roberts 15 + 4 -- 19

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