Friday, September 25, 2009

Survivor Samoa -- Week 2!

So... it's before the show starts and I am intrigued by all the people that I talked to that hate the white Russell. I love that he is making the show really interesting...

So let's get into the viewing of the show!


Russell Swan has to go far if they keep spending so much time on him and almost the first 15 minutes was all Russell Swan.

Russell found the immunity idol without clues! How frigging awesome!

Ben tripped a guy and got kicked out of the immunity challenge... funny.

Mike can't take the outdoors. Bye Mike!

Ben likes chopping wood at all hours of the day and night. What a weirdo...

Yasmin is a wanker and needs to be smacked.. immediately.

Jaison is a classy fella....

Dammit Betsy!

Tucker's Nuts
Ashley Trainer (3)
Elizabeth Kim (7)
Brett Clouser (10)
Kelly Sharbaugh (11)
Mick Trimming (14)
David Ball (15)
Shannon Waters (18)
Laura Morett (19)
Betsy Bolan (2) -- Booted Week Two
Mike Borassi (6) -- Pulled out In Episode Two (Illness)

John Fincher (1)
Ben Browning (4)
Erik Cardona (5)
Monica Padilla (8)
Russell Hantz (12)
Natalie White (13)
Russell Swan (16)
Yasmin Giles (17)
Jaison Robinson (20)
Marisa Calihan (9) -- Booted Week One

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