Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scotty at the Hampton Inn -- A Masterpiece

My lovely bride and I were pleased to go to a wedding a few weeks ago in Virginia and we stayed the night at the Hampton Inn.

It was at this glorious Hampton Inn that we met................ Scotty.

Muh wife and I walked up to the front counter and we asked the man... Scotty ... to give us our keys so that we could check in.

Before he got too deep into checking us in... he asked us to go retrieve a sleeping guest in a chair just off the front desk so that he could check him in. I was astounded by this since it's his job to check people in and aksing us to get him was nuts...

We checked in and decided that we needed some lunch so we went back into the lobby. Scotty asked us where we were going and I announced that we were stepping out so that we could get some lunch. He asked us which direction we were going in and I told him that we planned on taking a right out of the parking lot and looking for something to eat. He said after thinking for 15 seconds or so... "Hmmmm... that's a good side." What?!?!?

He told us that a particular restaurant had "Crab cakes second only to Maryland." What? Second to an entire state? That's saying a lot about every single crab cake in Maryland.

And finally... the one that made me wonder the most... I have a preference on all of my accounts for the hotels I stay at -- no down or feather products. When we got to the room, I followed my usual course of action and called the front desk (Scotty) and asked him to please send someone up to de-feather the room. His response was amazingly awkward. "Oh yeah... I heard about that. Sorry, I will have someone up there as soon as possible to fix that." He "heard" about it. Yawn....

Thank you Scotty for making our stay at the Hampton Inn a truly memorable one.

We are well aware that this story is... "You had to be there" story, but we are STILL giggling about it.

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