Monday, June 30, 2008

Three Word Movie Reviews

American Crude -- Just Plain Sucks

Be Kind Rewind -- Interesting and Different

The Bucket List -- Just Sucked Nuts

Californication (Season 1) -- Surprisingly Entertaining. Fun

Carnivale (Season Two) -- Still Lotso Goodness

Cassandra's Dream -- Surprise! Good Mystery

Doctor Who (Season Two) -- Quirky and Fun

Doctor Who (Season Three) -- Still Uniquely Charming

The Eye -- Not Too Crappy

Fool's Gold -- Oh Boy... Ummmmmm

Funny Games -- Intensely Sadistic. Interesting

Gone With The Wind -- Great Film. Classic

Grace is Gone -- So Slow. Depressing.

The Grand -- Clever, But Weak

Jumper -- CLiche... Something's Missing

Mama's Boy -- Incredibly Mediocre. Skip.

Resolved -- Resolved. Enlightening. Entertaining.

Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired -- Strange... Morbidly Fascinating.

The Signal -- Thoroughly Unique Horror

Under the Same Moon -- Cool, Sweet, Nice

Vince Vaugh's Wild West Comedy Show -- Been There... Repetitive

The Walker -- Just Plain Annoying

Weeds (Season 3) -- I LOVE WEEEEEEEEDS!!!!

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins -- Drivel. Go Away....

Witless Protection -- Got What Expected

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