Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Three Word Movie Reviews

2007 Academy Award Nominated Short Films -- Some Good -- Bad...

The Air I Breathe -- Quirky Not Bad

Carnivale (Season One) -- Better Than Remembered

Cleaner -- Not Good... Tedious

Diary of the Dead -- Fun... Societal Statement

Forgetting Sarah Marshall -- Fun, Silly, Long

The Great Debaters -- Cliche, but Decent

Hollywood Dreams -- Slice My Wrists

I'm Not There -- Confusing and Different

The Jerk -- So Frigging Funny

John Carpenter's The Fog -- That's a Classic

Meet The Spartans -- Meet the Shit

Mystery Men -- Still silly... Dated...

National Treasure: Book of Secrets -- Surprisingly Entertaining... Simple

Phantasm -- Finally Saw.... Fun

Private Parts -- Still Great Movie

Rambo -- Passable Saturnoonish Flick

Recount -- Suprisingly Boring Interesting...

Saw III -- Frustrating Transitional Sequel

Saw IV -- Good Enough Sequel

Standing in the Shadow of Motown -- Powerful, Enlightening Movie

Strange Wilderness -- Stupid Inane Dumb

(John Carpenter's) The Thing (1982) -- Still a Classic

What Would Jesus Buy? -- Shopping Sucks! CONVERTED!!!!!

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