Monday, July 07, 2008

Book 39 of 52 -- Jeff Lindsay's Dexter in the Dark

The Dexter books have kept me fascinated and I couldn't wait for this one to be at the top of my book pile after reading the first two.

However it's been working its way slowly up my pile of to be read.

Well I finally read it and I'm a little disappointed.

I wanted it to be so much more.

I think that the concept of this series is so interesting - Dexter is a lovable serial killer but in this book he's almost annoying.

I understand that he lost what made him who he is but come on, let's try a little harder to find it.

I didn't enjoy the killer in this book and found him not to be as smarter or smarter than Dexter.

His girlfriend is pushing him to get married and be a daddy.

I just felt like Jeff Lindsay didn't take his time with this book.

The ending didn't make a lot of sense in the grand scope of the Dexter series. Maybe Mr. Lindsay is just too into the TV series or something.

I really hope the next one is better.

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