Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Book 41 of 52 -- Sebastian Faulks' Devil May Care

(My SURPRISE! Vacation was far more productive than Steakbellie or FBT's wife would like for it to have been for me...)

It's hard to find tremendous fault with DEVIL MAY CARE largely because author Sebastian Faulks -- writing as Ian Fleming -- returns Bond to his original era -- that of the Cold War -- where villains were easily identifiable if not only for their nefarious deeds but also by simple geography.

It's a quick read -- crackling with suspense at the right moments and a plot about Bond reaching mid-life and recovering his sense of purpose and love of danger -- and feels comfortable ... like a wonderful guilty pleasure come to print just in time to be a fabulous summer read for men and boys alike.

If there's any strong criticism of the tale, then I'd have to offer the fact that DEVIL feels far more like a great Sean Connery film Bond than it does a pure Ian Fleming novel adventure.

I have heard that other attempts to rejuvenate the Bond franchise of books have gone to great lengths to contemporize Bond, turning him into a post-Glastnost era operative 'licensed to kill' on behalf of the Queen while eating at Chilis ... so I, for one, welcome the return to martinis and Walther PPKs.

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