Friday, August 01, 2008

Collecting -- It's a Blast

For a decade now, every time that I purchase something with cash, I excitedly look at the change placed in my hand.

I look to see if I got one of the new state quarters.

Five times a year, I was rewarded and I saw a brand new and shiny new quarter.

I would put the quarter in a separate pocket and take it home to put into my special quarter map.

I was so nuts with this that I actually have two quarter maps -- one for Philadelphia mint quarters and one for Denver mint quarters...

The other day though... I realized that my decade of fun and excitiement -- no matter how nerdy -- is coming to an end.

There are only two quarters left in Alaska and Hawaii.

The U.S. Mint struck a goldmine with this promotion and I had a good time with it.

As much as I am going to also participate in the Gold Presidential Dollar Coins promotion, it won't be as much fun as the quarters.

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