Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Observations From the Neil Diamond Show

Muh wife and I braved NJ Transit last Thursday for a Neil Diamond show and so many things completely made me think, laugh, and cringe.

1. There was a LOT of OLC. Don't know what that means? Old Lady Cleavage. I was both horrified and proud of these women who all got gussied up for Neil expecting some tail.

2. Dude -- No matter how much you think you are hiding the joint by cupping your hand over it, I can still tell it's a joint because you keep bringing it up to your mouth and it smells like pot!

3. Old couples are cute with the ways they equally respect and berate each other. Man asked his wife as we were walking down some stairs to exit the building "Are you alright honey with walking doen the stairs?". Her response? "Of course I am. Are you an idiot?"

4. 10 bucks will get you uo the front of the waiting list at the bar/restaurant Kaboozie at Penn Station.

5. Why do people spend so much money to go to a concert when they talk and pay almost NO attention to the concert at -- including leaving early.

6. Heartlight didn't play well over my cellphone and on to MB's voicemail. :-(

7. TW and I saw some amazing racism at the Metropark train station. People avoided the black guy paying for parking and created much longer lines elsewhere. We got on line behind the black guy and out a lot earlier than the rest of them.

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