Thursday, August 14, 2008

Making Friends At the Urinal?

True Story

Me: (Standing at the urinal relieving myself at a nice banquet hallish type place in Red Bank, NJ)

OM (Other man about 48ish): Good evening.

Me: Good evening

OM: Wow... this is a very nice bathroom.

Me: (Pausing a second to think about whether I want to engage him since I am at a work event and I am not quite sure who will be attending.) Yes it is.

OM: I don't go into bathrooms this nice normally.

Me: (Smiling...zipping and moving to the sink) I know, but I have been to NASCAR races where they have troughs to pee in instead of I am just happy to have a urinal. Makes me uncomfortable to pee that way.

OM: Wow... that'll make you nervous especially if you don't like gays.

Me: Riiiight. Gotta be honest with you. I am nervous enough talking to a strange man like this.

OM: That's funny... (he was still peeing when he said that and I walked out to him laughing.)

He never showed up to our event.


Anonymous said...

Apparently you just have a very affable appearance, especially while peeing. ;)


Smelmooo said...



What's that mean?

Anonymous said...

Did OM look like Senator Larry Craig of Idaho?

You totally got cruised, dude.