Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Book 77 of 52 -- James Patterson's Cross Country

I stole this from someone else... since I was pissed off at the book.

"As a long-time fan of the Alex Cross series from Patterson, I had high hopes for Cross Country. Sadly, I was thoroughly disappointed with this book. The gruesome, sadistic murders that launch the story (and continue throughout) were over the top and clearly beyond what was necessary. I suppose the horrific nature of the content could have been forgiven if the plot itself was within the realm of believability. Although some authors push the envelope on what is plausible, Patterson's premise in Cross Country is beyond believable. The whole idea of having Alex Cross go to Africa without official sanction, support structure or even any fundamental understanding of the situation on the ground is just ridiculous. If you are a long-time Alex Cross fan, you might want to take a pass on Cross Country. If you are contemplating giving the character a try for the first time, start elsewhere - there are many in the Cross series that are far better. "

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