Monday, December 08, 2008

Survivor Gabon -- Week 476

We are reminded of how much the alliance embarrassed Randy at Tribal Council and Bob is pretty pissed off and tells everyone how crappy it was. Sugar apologizes... sissy pants. Sugar and Corinne then get into a verbal match... where Corinne looks stupid and petty...

HOT DAMN! The best part of this season is the High Definition shots of the animals... Kenny is critical of Bob and starts talking about booting Bob... what a foolish move...

REWARD CHALLENGE -- Two teams of three will compete and the winning team then plays in a challenge for a chance to see videos of their loved ones... Before the challenge, each person gets to see a quick little video of each loved one.

LOTS OF FREAKING TEARS... That means lots of heart breaks... Mwah ha ha ha... Time to pick the teams... Crystal, Bob, and Sugar, vs.. Kenny, Matty, and Susie. Stupid face Corinne is left behind.... she has no chance to win anything... Tee hee...

Sugar, Crystal, and Bob make a huge comeback and win the first round... now they are all trying to be the first person to solve a slide puzzle. Bob wins incredibly fast and gets to watch the videos and eat pizza, beer, and brownies...

He starts his reward and they trick Bob and instead of letting him watch the video... they bring out his actual wife... and my wife is crying... since she always falls for the loved ones episodes... THEN... they walk back to camp... and the other loved ones appear out of nowhere... there is much rejoicing...

KEnny goes right into game mode with his sister and starts explaining everything... he is pretty confident about his chances... Sugar is weepy with his sister....and they spread her dad's ashes... she's adorable... Matty gets all mushy and proposes to Jamie... his girlfriend... he accepts...

Bob and Corinne start to scheme and Bob is going to make a fake idol... and lie to someone about that idol that was thrown into the ocean a few weeks ago...

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE -- They have to answer questions and they get balls for each correct answer they get a ball to toss into a pit... the one closest to the center will win immunity... Sugar wins the most amount of questions...

They start throwing balls... Susie is out... Crystal is out... Kenny is out... Matty is out... Bob is awesome... Corinne is out... Sugar gets the last throw to top Bob... and she... misses... Bob wins immunity...

Corinne and Bob start coniving with Kenny and they seriously trick Kenny... I can't even begin to discuss how wacky this whole thing is... Bob makes ANOTHER fake idol... Operation Fake Idol 2 is in full effect. As they walk into Tribal Council... it looks lie it will be Corinne or Matty... argh...

Time for the vote... and Jeff will tally the votes...


Tucker's Nuts
5. Susie Smith (9)
6. Matty Whitmore (12)
8. Bob Crowley (16)
9. Jessica Kiper (17)
7. Randy Bailey (13) -- Booted Week Nine
1. Charlie Herschel (1) -- Booted Week Eight
3. Jacque Berg (5) -- Booted Week Three
2. Paloma Soto-Castillo (4) -- Booted Week Two
4. Michelle Chase (8) -- Booted Week One

Assshfault Warriors
1. Ken Hoang (2)
7. Crystal Cox (14)
3. Corinne Kaplan (6) -- BOOTED WEEK TEN!!!
8. Marcus Lehman (15) -- BOOTED WEEK SEVEN!!!!
2. Dan Kay (3) -- BOOTED WEEK SIX!!!!
4. Ace Gordon (7)-- BOOTED WEEK SIX!!!!
5. Kelly Czarnecki(10)-- BOOTED WEEK FIVE!!!!
6. Danny Brown aka GC (11) -- BOOTED WEEK FOUR!!!!
9. Gillian Larson(18) -- BOOTED WEEK ONE!!!!!

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tangentwoman said...

I keep wondering who Randy's loved one would have been if he'd stayed in the game. I'm not saying that to be mean, it's just that he'd said his only friend in the world was his dog, so I wonder.

I've also been trying to find any possible scenario under which Kenny's move could have been smart strategically, and I'm coming up completely empty.