Friday, December 12, 2008

Survivor Gabon -- Last One Before the Finale...

We open up after some highlights from last time... and Matty calls out Kenny for his lies and bullshit.

Later on... Kenny calls Bob on Bob's lies to him the night before... so Bob promises Kenny that if he wins immunity, he will give it to Kenny... Fascinating...

Today's first challenge involves running through some mud (and some other stuff) and grabbing balls to shoot into some hoops. The winner gets to go on a flight... sleep well and relax and eat...and watch gorillas! The winner will send someone to Exile Island too. Matty and Kenny take the early leads... (Kenny has never looked thinner... ) After a rather dramatic ending... Bob makes a slow and steady comeback... and WINS.

Bob takes Crystal & Kenny with him... and sends Susie to Exile Island.

Soooo... we now have to experience a once in a lifetime experience with two rather unenjoyable people (Kenny & Crystal) and a good guy... named Bob. They eat... no shit... and they love it... fascinating... They sit and discuss strategy...

Kenny offers Bob the opportunity to keep the idol if Bob wins... Kenny has the option to take it if he wants it. It's absurd and I have a feeling that it will be a sore spot for someone... I feel like this is a horrible reward since they are looking at gorillas through a fence.

At Exile Island... Susie chooses the comfort since she knows that Sugar has the idol... she loves the fruit and they edittors try to make her appealing and it is impossible.

Matty "figures out" that he is going home next. What a dope nuts...

It's now day 35 and the winners are returned to the camp and they rub in their awesome experience... there are a ton of hard feelings for everyone and matty gets annoying with everyone... Crystal and Kenny seem to be yelling at Matty for no reason and Sugar sees this... so they are now plotting around Crystal and Kenny... including crying... This is the twist that I hoped to see... and Sugar... will negotiate with Bob and Susie...

The IMMUNITY CHALLENGE is up next... They will study a mask... take puzzle pieces through a maze and recreate the mask... AND THEY WILL BE BLINDFOLDED!.... It will be done by hand.... Cool idea.... Matty decides to get all the pieces first... while everyone else starts working the pieces first. The dramatic music begins... Bob and Matty seem to be the leaders... Bob claims that he has it.. and DOES NOT! Kenny thinks he has it... and isn't anywhere close... Evenutally... BOB wins his fourth straight challenge and IMMUNITY.

Before the break... Kenny says... "Bob said he would give me the idol... actions speak louder than words." Kenny's strategy is tell Bob to give him the idol and then vote for Bob since he keeps winning. Crystal is ok with that.

Kenny and Bob are playing each other... Sugar is ready to make the change... With all of this... it appears that Sugar, Bob, and Matty are now aligned to vote for Crystal after Bob gives Kenny the idol... HAS ANYONE SPOKEN TO SUSIE YET?!?!?!?

Sugar also pledges to play her hidden immunity idol... so Tribal Council is up next. (Randy now has an immunity idol.)

They spend a lot of time focussing on Bob's strengthes... including his dominance of the game and his character... This makes me realllly root for Sugar and Bob. Kenny brings up the "promise" and Bob says he may or may not... based upon new terms that he will give it to him if he thinks that Kenny is vulnerable.

Sugar pulls out the Hidden Immunity idol...

"I told Kenny that if I thought that he was going home tonight, I would give it to him. I am going to keep it because I don't think he is going to go home tonight." Careful choice of words, but Kenny will still feel slighted in the end if he doesn't eventually make the finals.

Time to tally the votes... but before the votes are counted... Sugar gives it to Matty. AWESOME MOVE!!!!


Crystal is gone... and I am super giddy on the inside... She wasn't a terrible human being and the editting wasn't always fair to her... but seriously... I am glad to have Sugar and Bob left and I can't remember actually rooting for two people this much in a long ass time.

Sugar is so much more awesome after this episode...

Tucker's Nuts
5. Susie Smith (9)
6. Matty Whitmore (12)
8. Bob Crowley (16)
9. Jessica Kiper (17)
7. Randy Bailey (13) -- Booted Week Nine
1. Charlie Herschel (1) -- Booted Week Eight
3. Jacque Berg (5) -- Booted Week Three
2. Paloma Soto-Castillo (4) -- Booted Week Two
4. Michelle Chase (8) -- Booted Week One

Assshfault Warriors
1. Ken Hoang (2)
7. Crystal Cox (14) -- BOOTED WEEK ELEVEN!!!!
3. Corinne Kaplan (6) -- BOOTED WEEK TEN!!!
8. Marcus Lehman (15) -- BOOTED WEEK SEVEN!!!!
2. Dan Kay (3) -- BOOTED WEEK SIX!!!!
4. Ace Gordon (7)-- BOOTED WEEK SIX!!!!
5. Kelly Czarnecki(10)-- BOOTED WEEK FIVE!!!!
6. Danny Brown aka GC (11) -- BOOTED WEEK FOUR!!!!
9. Gillian Larson(18) -- BOOTED WEEK ONE!!!!!

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