Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Book 14 of 52 -- Dennis Lehane's Prayers Before Rain

While I don't think Prayers for Rain is the best of the Kenzie/Gennaro books, I found it thoroughly satisfying.

Like its predecessors, Prayers for Rain takes us through the darker side of Boston, as viewed through the eyes of an appealing, well-drawn set of characters. In part, this book coasts on the solid characters established in its four predecessors, but it still has altogether amusing dialogue. The book is worth reading simply to find out how Patrick and Angie interact after the events of Gone Baby Gone.

The plot works reasonably well, though I think some developments are telegraphed in advance. The villain is particularly devious and despicable, and there are some solid twists thrown in. Perhaps the climax was a bit rushed, but the ride through most of the book is pretty suspenseful. While the book clearly benefits by standing on the shoulders of its predecessors, it remains a worthwhile, charming, suspenseful read. Let's hope that Lehane is not done with these characters.

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