Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Book 17 of 52 -- Jonathan Kellerman's Deception

I enjoyed DECEPTION more than the last few Alex Delaware novels Jonathan Kellerman has published. I may have liked this book better than the other recent books because I personally enjoyed the parts that are set at a very upscale prep school in Brentwood where all is not as perfect as the buildings and grounds lead outsiders to believe. Still, DECEPTION comes nowhere close to the quality of Kellerman's great books such as BILLY STRAIGHT (not considered a Delaware) or WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS the first of the Alex Delaware/ Milo Sturgis mysteries which with the publication of DECEPTION can now claim twenty-five volumes.

In DECEPTION Kellerman does bring back more of the authentic, well realized Southern California settings and characters that make his best books so enjoyable to read. And in this new outing Milo and Alex rely on social networking sites to do some online sleuthing keeping the detective duo who first debuted in 1985 up with the times. Alex's annoying girlfriend, Robin, is thankfully on the periphery of this outing and Milo's relationship with his long term love interest (handsome and apparently perfect emergency room physician Rick) gets a few mentions but seems as unlikely and puzzling as ever. A great deal of suspension of disbelief is also needed to believe that civilian Delaware is allowed so much access in to high profile LA crimes and Kellerman might be more believable if he just permanently put him on the LAPD's payroll. DECEPTION is another quick pageturner from Kellerman that is marginally better than his last few efforts.

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