Thursday, March 12, 2009

Book 18 of 52 -- Joe Torre & Tom Verducci's The Yankee Years

Though not the definitive look at the Yankees and how they have become the highest valued American sports franchise, this book is important and enjoyable. Should be read by all baseball fans. Torre comes across as, as you would guess, likable but a bit thin skinned, as he takes shots at players like A-Rod and Carl Pavano as well as current Yankee GM Brian Cashman. Come to think of it, Torre has very little good stuff to say about his former GM. That may be the number one reason that the man took off for the West Coast: the lack of support from his main connection to an unstable front office.

Very little insight is offered into George Steinbrenner's reign of terror. How was a man so universally disliked so successful? No insight is offered herein by either Verducci or Torre. The sporting world awaits the definitive bio of Yankee owner Steinbrenner. It's a big job, but hopefully someone can come along to tackle it.

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