Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Book 14 of 52 -- Michael Connelly's The Brass Verdict

What could be better than the "Lincoln Lawyer" and Harry Bosch in the same novel?

That's what happens in "The Brass Verdict" when their paths cross in more ways than one.

Mickey Haller, however, doesn't operate out of the back of one of his Lincoln Town Cars this time.

But he is back, in a high profile murder case after two years away getting over an addiction to pain killers.

Just as he was about to return to the practice of law, Mickey Haller's former colleague, Jerry Vincent, is murdered, and the Lincoln Lawyer inherits all his cases, including the high profile defense of a rich movie mogul accused of shooting his wife and her lover.

Harry Bosch is seeking Vincent's murderer and he and Haller sort of work together in solving the crime.

Meanwhile, we are greatly entertained with an interesting trial and a surprising verdict.

The intricate plot includes the fact that Haller and Bosch are half brothers, so we may expect to see them teamed up again (and then again, maybe not).

More importantly, the premise of the book is that everyone lies (and expects to be lied to), whether juror or lawyer or judge.

These two favorite Connelly protagonists are matched evenly (in fact, they may be a match made in heaven).

Each provides the author with a uniqueness and the ability to write so many unexpected twists, that the reader can't stop turning the pages.

Highly recommended.

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