Thursday, January 08, 2009

Book 3 of 52 -- Kathy Reichs' Cross Bones

One of the better parts about this time of year is the absolute crazy amount of nothing on television. There is tons of nothing!

Also... trying to keep up with the working out from the holidays provides me with time to read at the gym.

Sooo... on the eve before the TW and I set out on our annual short trip for TW and long trip for me... I read this hardcover book in faster time than I normally would so that I wouldn't have to bring it on the plane.

In 2005, Ms. Reichs' jumped on the Jesus is fact fiction bandwagon and wrote this book about some old bones that were found that might debunk the whole Jesus is awesome and religious belief... a la The DaVinci Code.

It is a decent story until the heroes head over to Israel where it all just seems a bit too contrived, but all in all, it's a standard Bones book

One more thing. In this book, Reichs wrote a lot of one sentence paragraphs... why the switch?

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