Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Reader Moviegoing Experience

Hey! The lady next to me had surgery and dropped 50 pounds to get to 94 pounds.

She didn't know either of the two people on either side of her and yet -- we know more about her than Barack and Michelle combined.

Other highlights: She had two regular and one C-Section deliveries. She thought her doctor's first name was Chun and the last name was Lee, but god bless his soul - he was a great doctor no matter how he spells his name.

My wife is getting updates by me typing them into the Blackberry while the Rocky theme is blasting in the background.

Please start the movie!!!!


The Wrestler

Oh no! With 30 minutes left in the flick... the projector broke and we got to see a lot of stereotypes pop out of the audience.

They eventually started the film again and it was a good movie... definitely worth the accolades...

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