Friday, May 08, 2009

Book 29 of 52 -- Spencer Quinn's Dog On It

A teenage girl goes missing and her mom hires a private eye to find her; though a very real scenario, this common theme gets turned on its mismatched ears in Dog On It, the new Chet and Bernie mystery by Spencer Quinn.

Told from the perspective of K-9 school dropout Chet, a dog with one white and one black ear, Dog On It moves at greyhound-like pace.

Chet, who has a problem with short-term memory, uses his uniquely canine abilities to help his human.

His sense of smell and ability to sort good people from bad, are keys as he and Bernie, a former cop and soldier, sort through a web of deceit surrounding the disappearance of Madison Chambliss from her home in an un-named Western state.

Chet's penchant for smelling out trouble, and snacks, lands him in some dicey situations.

The bad guys do their best to put down Chet and Bernie, who keep sticking their noses in the wrong spots.

Grab your snacks, find a shady spot outside and curl up for a good time reading Dog On It.

Flea collar not included.

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