Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Book 32 of 52 -- Martin Clark's The Legal Limit

The Legal Limit is "thrilling" in that it has a plot that's good from page one and it's "legal" because, for sure, there's a lot that happens that concerns the law, but it's a much bigger, deeper (and sometimes funnier)book than the traditional legal thriller.

It seems as if the author has tried to polish every single word and every paragraph; the novel seems handmade and painstakingly crafted as compared to something which is mass produced.

The characters, from the brothers Mason and Gates to the very engaging Custis Norman, seem real and well thought out.

Best of all for me was the story of Mason's love affair with his wife and his struggles--Mr. Clark nails this--to raise an adolescent daughter.

I'd call it a legal thriller PLUS.

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Martin Clark said...

Thanks much for the kind words and nice mention. Martin Clark, author of THE LEGAL LIMIT