Thursday, October 08, 2009

Survivor Samoa -- Week Four!

We are reminded that Ben was an asshole and was voted out. Night 8... and the show opens on Foa Foa. Jaison has declared that coming to Samoa was the "worst decision that he has ever made in his entire life." RussHell reminds the audience that he is under control of the whole show.

Quest time -- Good Russell chooses Shambo and Dave to go with him while Mike chooses Russell and Natalie. They eventually meet and are hanging out on the beach. No Jeff but there is a chest and a chicken. Lots of speculating. Eventually... everyone just starts fighting for something. They eventually realize that a game is to be played... and it's basically... bocce ball. It eventually comes down to RussHell and Dave. Of course... RussHell is good at the game. Dave has last shot with 3 Foa Foa balls closest. He concentrates and puts it against the post. Well done. Foa Foa loses... Again... and Galu gets the chickens.

Meanwhile... Erik is back and Galu looking for the Immunity Idol using clues that he got from Shambo who got clues when she was visiting the other tribe. He is really really involved in the process while everyone else is sleeeping... and he finds it.

Russell and Natalie are joining forces for a final two and they mock each other and their weaknesses to the camera. Fascinating.

Shambo is in charge of the chickens and one of the escapes. Erik gets "clotheslined by the clothesline" as told by Dave who is becoming my new favorite player.

Back to Galu at camp... and the tribe is incredibly annoyed by Yasmin since she is lazy. (heh heh)

Immunity Challenge! It's a net run and block stack and rope bridge and more block stacking. Interesting... as Galu has to find FOUR people to sit out the challenge.

The result is simple... Foa Foa comes from WAY behind and they win. Who will be going home from Galu. Shambo or Yasmin? That's who they have editted so far. After the challenge... Monica is on the chopping block as well.

Dave, Monica, John, and Russell seem to be agreeing that it is Yasmin or Shambo and it seems that it will be Yasmin... but many others are talking about Monica behind her back.

Yasmin is openning her mouth to the camera and she is a turd.

It gets back to calm cool and collected Russell who is furious that decisions were being made without consulting him. He slams some stuff violently.

Tribal Council

When asked about who contributes, someone calls out Yasmin and she opens her fat mouth. She is an idiot. MOnica then claims she did really well in the challenge. So many people are completely unaware of themselves. It's gross. Dave remains classy and I like him.

It's time to vote and Jeff... I think his name is Jeff... will count the votes.


Suck it Yasmin. I will not miss you at all.

Tucker's Nuts
Ashley Trainer (3)
Elizabeth Kim (7)
Brett Clouser (10)
Kelly Sharbaugh (11)
Mick Trimming (14)
David Ball (15)
Shannon Waters (18)
Laura Morett (19)
Betsy Bolan (2) -- Booted Week Two
Mike Borassi (6) -- Pulled out In Episode Two (Illness)

John Fincher (1)
Erik Cardona (5)
Monica Padilla (8)
Russell Hantz (12)
Natalie White (13)
Russell Swan (16)
Jaison Robinson (20)
Yasmin Giles (17) -- Booted Week Four
Ben Browning (4) -- Booted Week Three
Marisa Calihan (9) -- Booted Week One

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Matt said...

So far we've had 3 weeks with combined immunity/reward, and now a fourth week with a standard immunity but a Jeff-less reward. What's your theory? Is Jeff getting paid less or just tired of having to be on camera as much? Did they reduce staff?