Thursday, October 22, 2009

Survivor Week Six -- Holy Crap

The show spent the first ten minutes showing 5 days of rain and how hard it was on everyone. I can't imagine how hard that was. It never seems to stop (and later in the episode... it pours during the Tribal Council and you can just see the horrified faces on everyone.)

Russell Swan had the scariest moment in Survivor history by passing out. That shook me too much.

Russell was removed from the game and that was really really hard to watch... even though I didn't like him. That was hard.


Tonight... two people are being voted out -- one from each tribe.

First Tribal Council where everyone is currently sitting -- all 13 people that are left. Jeff relates watching the scary moments with Russell, but he is ok and the players all talk about Russell and then get into the game talk.

Time to discuss the vote. There will be NO ONE VOTED out tonight due to the unprecedented nature of today.

I wish there was still a vote...

I feel kind of cheated.

Tucker's Nuts
Elizabeth Kim (7)
Brett Clouser (10)
Kelly Sharbaugh (11)
Mick Trimming (14)
David Ball (15)
Shannon Waters (18)
Laura Morett (19)
Ashley Trainer (3) -- Booted Week Five
Betsy Bolan (2) -- Booted Week Two
Mike Borassi (6) -- Pulled out In Episode Two (Illness)

John Fincher (1)
Erik Cardona (5)
Monica Padilla (8)
Russell Hantz (12)
Natalie White (13)
Jaison Robinson (20)
Russell Swan (16) -- Removed in Week Six (Medevaced)
Yasmin Giles (17) -- Booted Week Four
Ben Browning (4) -- Booted Week Three
Marisa Calihan (9) -- Booted Week One

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I'm not a big Survivor fan, but I decided to watch last night's episode since I had heard something strange would take place. It was definitely scary to watch Russell S. faint and have all kinds of problems. I predict he'll be allowed to compete on a future season of Survivor, just like Robert from Hell's Kitchen was permitted to compete on two seasons of that show.