Thursday, May 29, 2008

Book 32 of 52 -- James Patterson's Maximum Ride: The Final Warning

I expected a lot more from the next chapter in the Maximum Ride saga.

After all, the first three books were all about heart-pounding action, excellent character development, and just the right amount of romance to keep it interesting -- FOR A KID'S BOOK.

Now take all of the first three books and squash them together into a single miniature version without any of the action, and you have The Final Warning.

Granted, there are some good points, not to spoil any, but most of them happen towards the beginning of the novel.

The last three quarters were, in my opinion, mainly rehashed storylines from the first three books.

The action is only seen from the point of view of two characters including Max and Fang's meaningless 'book blog', not the actual blog that exists on the Web.

Then there's the fact that the series has become a huge environmental tree-hugging plug as well.

Yeah, we know the environment needs to be saved, but you don't have to beat it into our brains by making Max Ride the Eco-Lady of Popular Literature.

Is this book what we Maximum Ride fans clicked a million times for?

I think not.

This one needs a sequel, if the Flock is to be saved.

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