Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dancing With the Stars FINALS!!!!


I would prefer Cristian winning, but if Jason wins... I will be finer than if Kristi winc, but I really don't care... even though I secretly and rooting big time for Cristian...

Get all that?

First dance tonight? The Cha Cha Face off... they will all dance the Cha Cha... They drew balls to see who goes in what position.. They will all dance at the same time at some point and the montage shows precisely what it is that I like and dislike about all of them. 1. Cristian is pretty funny... 2. Jason is just quality. 3. Kristi... *yawn*.

TW and I agree... Samantha is a bit overtan...

The Cha Cha Faceoff begins with Cristian wearing all purple and showing off his awesome physique... yeah... even I have to admit it's awesome... I liked it a bunch.. Jason and Edyta are up immediately and do some fun and great moves... Jason messes up a couple of times we think...Kristi then comes out and actually kisses Bruno in a personality changing moment ... and I have to admit that her dress is pretty kick ass too... nice job Krisiti... and nice job Mark for the choreography... Very cool ending too... with Jason and Cristian holding Kristi way up in the air...

The judges sit behind the Fancy Mirror Ball... and judge all of the dancers... They all like each other and the dancers... You can tell that if they are going to rank them... (which I think they will) that Kristi would be 1... Jason would be 3 and Cristian would be 2.

Scores for the Face Off!

Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke -- 8, 9, 9 -- 26
Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinski -- 8, 8, 8 -- 24
Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas -- 10, 10, 10 -- 30

Round 2 -- Free Style

Kristi and Mark are up first. The are focussing on two things... One... a WOMAN should win and Two... Mark is hurt... so they do everything in their power to avoid the fact that Kristi is a boring piece of milk toast. They bring in Julianne Hough to help out and train Kristi... So.. they start ut and... it is awesome... I think she is the best dancer...and if this was really a competition based upon dancing... they would win hands down... It didn't seem perfect to us, but we aren't experts... they were full of tons of energy and exciting to watch.... The judges did like them a bunch... Their scores (if are anything less than a 27, they have the judges' scores lined up for first) are... 10, 10, 10 -- 30

Jason and Edyta are up second... Their video montage is all about being a player and competetitor... Go Jason go... something about the dance doesn't seem natural and they are doing a hip hoppy type dance... where there is a lot of grinding and fake tans all over the place.... Jason is also lifting Edyta and tossing her around like crazy... The crowd liked him... I am just not sold... However... the judges liked it. 9, 9, 9 -- 27 (Samantha interviews and then cuts off... amusingly so...

Cristian is up last... and hey! He was hurt earlier in the season... who knew? HE hurt himself again this week too in practice... that's really gotta get into his head again when he sees that footage. Lots of green and hispanicness... they really compensate for his hurt arm.. and end well enough... I admire him and the way he is working through something that really must hurt him... Carrie says it the best in that she sees him as a winner in so many other places such never giving up and the likes. She's right.. 100%. His scores? 9, 8, 9 -- 26


1. Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas -- 30 + 30 = 60
2. Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke -- 26 + 26 = 52
3. Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinski -- 24 + 27 = 51

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