Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dancing With the Stars Week 9 Results

I am watching the results show alone and I can't help feel sad since Tucker is wearing his E-Collar since he was beaten up by another dog this weekend. Here's a picture of him in his collar... to make you feel bad for him.

Soo... it's time for an elongated hour of results... Will it be Jason, Kristi, Cristian or WENDY JOE... PLEASE... FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY.... LET IT BE WENDY JOE MARISSA JARET GRIMACE WINOUKER.

We get our normal recap and I am disgusting myself by making gross smells...

Argh... Wendy Joe is up and I want to shoot someone in the face. THey are also going to have the kid's dancing finale on... I hate those really creepy kids. Blech... This is NOT looking to be a good episode so far. Seriously.

I know I say it no matter what... but Samantha really does look stunning tonight. Red is her color.

Tom B is in ... Hyperbole mode... Usher is NOT one of the greatest performers... ever. Cmon Tom. Cmon...

For the repeat dance... Kristi and Mark are asked to dance the Tango again... She is still expressionless and boring... They finish and everyone loves them...

It's time for the kid's dancing... and Jon Benet Ramsey II and her partner -- the under 9 champions -- are dancing first... OH FUCK... I don't care... they are all just creepy and creepy and creepy... FAST FORWARD....

Time for Samantha to interview the final four dancers.... Let me sum it all up for you. Samantha's drunk and Kristi bores... Wendy is shocked she is still here... Cristian is hurt and Jason is ... friendless...

This week's special dance is a group of dancers doing a very energetic tribute to Thriller... or Michael Jackson in general... It was good until the stupid rapper joined it... Omarian ... I think his name is.... he was trying to upstage the dancers... stupid face.

More kids dance... This is just wrong... someone call DYFS.

A video montage!!!! We see that they all want to win... *yawn*

The first couple saved (This is at 9:52 -- ABC bastards) is... Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas (Duh)

Commercial! HA! DVR rules... :)

The next couple saved is... Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinski

The last two couples (and not necessarily the bottom two are...
Wendy Joe Sperber and Tony Dovolani and Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke

Which couple will leave one week short of the finals... ???

Wendy Joe Sperber and Tony Dovolani

Thank f&cking god... Get the hell off my television you obnoxious jerk. (I will miss you Tony)

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