Friday, May 09, 2008

Survivor Micronesia Fans vs Favorites Week 13

La la la la la la la la la la la.... previously... Amanda pulled some pretty awesome shit by pulling off the hidden immunity idol.

Who will be voted out tonight... only five are left...

I saw an interview this morning with Jeff Probst that said... Even after 15 other seasons of Survivor, this is the episode that makes you get angry at someone for being so naive... It's pretty much a spot where you just think someone is really really stupid.

We awake on day 34 of 39... and Erik is trying to make sense of everything... This is an interesting season because people WANT to get sent to Exile Island because they can find an idol for immunity. It's kind of funny. They are all trying to get people to send them there and not others.

Time for the reward challenge.

Cool challenge... they are getting asked questions based upon past seasons to test out who the real fans are... they get plane rides, meals, and times to clean up. Erik is best suited for this game... and that is right so he wins... First decision is who he is sending to Exile Island... he picks Parvati... exactly what the "female" alliance wanted. He then snubs Natalie and takes Amanda to reward.

What does this mean? Natalie gets to complain off camera and that is truly one of my guilty Survivor pleasures...

What else does this mean? Cirie gets to stealthily gloat to Natalie and make her stress out more...

Soooooooo..... we now get a lot of time of Erik and Amanda on the reward challenge and he wants to enjoy his time with Amanda... how cute...

We then get to Parvati on Exile Island who is sexing herself up and tanning herself... She brags about how she is only there to prevent others from getting the idol... (Others being Erik and Natalie) And she thinks so because she, Amanda, and Cirie are strong.

Erik is worried... b/c he tells all the women different things and now he knows that they have all talked and figured him out... so... like a shitty sports interview... he says that he needs to work really hard and win the Immunity Challenge to stick around.

Immunity Challenge is a three puzzle game. It involves placing ropes across some sand and using coordinates... I thoroughly enjoy these types of challenges... what makes this one different is that they are all digging near each other... Erik takes a huge lead... They then focus on Erik repeating the symbols out loud over and over again... That should mean that he won't find them... but alas... it is fake drama as he finishes his last puzzle and everyone else hasn't even found their second set of puzzle pieces. Loud music drama finish... and Erik wins... and he is "guaranteed a spot in the final four."

That guaranteed seems weird right now... since the women are smarter than him and will probably find a way to talk him out of it.

OH SHIT -- the women have a plan... convince Erik to give Natalie the necklace. Oh brother... I am totally believing that he is going to give her the necklace...

The discussion of Natalie and Erik begins and Erik actually starts to consider this... I am now in completely agreement with my brain that Erik is a f&cking moron and I need him to go because he is so frigging stupid...

Stupid is a bit strong... but he is just so incredibly NAIVE.

We go into Tribal Council not knowing if Erik is going to buy it and give the necklace to someone else....

Tribal Council begins and there are some questions asked... and the women berate him. This is so mean and manipulative because they are obviously trying to make him feel bad and guilty.... He now thinks that giving his idol to someone will give him a better shot at wining... to "make up for things"...


Both TW and I are annoyed and preturbed... that poor kid...

Here come the votes... like I need to read them... this is the first time that we know who is knocked out before Jeff counts the votes... We had to see all teh women invididually berate Erik... and even the jury knows how dumb Erik was in this one...

PREDICTION FOR THE FINALS... I think that Natalie is totally going to win this thing... for some reason ... I think the others have pissed off more people... ... Maybe Cirie... but Natalie wins and gets at least one vote because she is a fan and there are others who have had their "chance."

Tucker's Nuts
1. Natalie Bolton (1)
3. Amanda Kimmel (5)
4. Cirie Fields (8)
6. Parvati Shallow (12)
2. Alexis Jones (4) -- Boted Week 12
7. James Clement (13) -- Removed from Game by Medevac Week 12
5. Ozzy Lusth (9) -- Booted Week Ten
8. Eliza Orlins (16) -- Booted Week Nine
10. Tracy Hughes-Wolf (20) -- Booted Week Seven
9. Kathy Sleckman (17) -- Out Week Seven -- Quitting Poop Face

7. Erik Reichenbach (14) -- BOOTED WEEK THIRTEEN!!!! I wish I could say it was a boot... but oh my god....
8. Jason Siska (15) -- BOOTED WEEK ELEVEN!!!!!
1. Ami Cusack (2) -- BOOTED WEEK EIGHT!!!!!
4. Chet Welch (7) -- BOOTED WEEK SIX!!!!!
6. Jonathan Penner (11) -- Injured Week Six :(
3. Joel Anderson(6) -- BOOTED WEEK FIVE!!!
2. Michael Bortone (3) -- BOOTED WEEK FOUR!!!
5. Yao-Man Chan (10) -- BOOTED WEEK THREE!!!
9. Mary Sartain (18) -- BOOTED WEEK TWO!!!
10. Jonny Fairplay (19) -- BOOTED WEEK ONE!!!!

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Brody said...

So as I was watching last night I kept thinking that the whole thing had to have been contrived by the producers.

Erik is not smart enough to think that giving away the immunity idol might show some level of trust. Cirie and Natalie are not good enough contrivers to come up with the idea. The idea is so stupid that it isn't going to go over on anyone. But what do you know, it worked!

Then Erik thinks that they should switch their vote for Parvati? Who is the only one who might have the idol? A nonsensical move no doubt, and one that even Erik should know better than to suggest.