Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wii Story -- Karma's a Bitch...Waiting For You...

One Monday morning, I look through the Sunday paper advertisements and I see that Circuit City was guaranteeing that it would have a certain amount of Wii's in stock on Sunday.

We have wanted one for awhile, but we weren't making any effort to find one during the week with our hectic schedules and lives.

So I called Circuit City to see if they had anymore and I was told that they had 3 left.

Ok... so I get to Circuit City after having called them 15 minutes earlier.

I walk in.. look around... and I can't find them and I go up to the security guard to ask him where the Wii's are.

He and I chat a bit and he tells me that they are behind the customer service desk...

A random woman hears this and shoves me out of the way... physically makes contact with me to go get one.

I look at the security guard who tells me that if they are down to only one... it's mine.

So I saunter over and I wait in line behind this turd of a woman...

We both buy a Wii (there are two registers) and I leave about 15 seconds behind her.

The security guard checks her and then checks me... we laugh.

I then tell the security guard to hurry outside, because I had just seen a kid knock the lady down and steal her Wii.

So the lady is on the ground and the security guard goes and gets the Wii and kid... and now... I might be a witness if this ever goes to trial.

Whatever happens... I am REALLY good at Wii Tennis... so suck on that woman.

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