Friday, September 05, 2008

Book 59 of 52 -- Joe Hill's Heart Shaped Box

An aging rocker with a penchant for the grotesque and for using and discarding women.

His only truly warm feelings seem to be for his dogs because dogs, after all, love you no matter what.

A young, beautiful groupie, who, like all the others, wants more that Jude can bring himself to give.

When he buys the ghost advertised on an online auction, and opens the box it arrives in, everything changes in an instant, and life will never be the same for either of them (or for the dogs!)

Heart Shaped Box is a modern ghost story full of almost believable supernatural threats.

Following Jude and Mary Beth as they pour first their intellects, then their instincts, and finally their very souls into evading the deaths that seem inevitable, is a captivating experience.

Fast paced, literate, and tailor made for those dark and stormy nights.

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