Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Vacation Highlights

My wife and I had what was known as an incredibly relaxing and wonderful vacation.

We rented the same house we did last year with friends (We missed you friends!), but by ourselves this year.

The highlights of the trip included:

Catching Only One Fish -- I caught two fish... one on my own and one by mistake. I accidentally fell asleep with my line cast and when I woke up, I reeled in the line to clean up and go inside. There was no fight to the line or tugs. As I reeled it in, I saw that there was a fish on the end! It had tangled itself up in the line and wasn't even attached to a hook. Chump fish... chump.

The Windsor Fair -- We found a fun agricultural fair where the highlight for me besides the sheep and cows was the "Garden Tractor - Tractor Pull" and it was won by a girl who pulled the tractor out of the arena!

Watching My Wife Read Books For Pleasure -- Enough said. She breezed through so many and was so content. It was wonderful to see.

Misjudging Amount of Food Needed -- We planned at the supermarket since we didn't really ever leave the house... and we still had way too much food... even with me gorging.

Oh yeah... Tucker was with us and that was super awesome too.

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