Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Book 62 of 52 -- Kathy Reichs' Deja Dead

Temperance Brennan is smart, strong willed and one of the best forensic anthropologists in the world.

When a series of female corpses are found, dismembered and stuffed into trash bags, she detects they are all linked.

This would be a great novel but for the fact that the character is so flawed it is almost unbelievable.

She has no social skills, not even with one of her best friends who she knew since college.

How did she ever get married or get work in Quebec?

While all characters should have flaws and merits, her lack of social skills and her swift temper seems to be more fitting for the killer or alien invader than the main character.

Being a fan of BONES I can see where they took the character and softened it for the TV series.

The TV version has to have some chance for romance.

While the book version MAY have a chance, it isn't going to be happening in this book or any time too soon.

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