Monday, September 15, 2008

Three Word Movie Reviews

Baby Mama -- Not AWESOME... Decent

Bananas -- Classic and Silly

Black Books (Season 1) -- Entertaining Witty Humor

Black Books (Season 2) -- Laughed Out Loud

Black Books (Season 3) -- Silly and Hysterical

Chicago 10 -- Powerful Deep Film

Deal -- Goofy Yet Passable

Dexter (Season 2) -- This Show Rules

The Fall -- Sweet and Beautiful

Felon -- Surprised Me. GREAT.

Little Britian: Abroad -- Great Show. Funny

Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day -- Good? Bad? Dunno....

My Sassy Girl -- Surprisingly Entertaining. Cute.

Redbelt -- Dramatic. Classic Mamet.

The Riddle -- Slow AND Tedious

Sarah Langdon and the Paranormal Hour -- Just Plain Awful

Scorpion King 2 -- Just Plain Awful

Son of Rambow -- Adorable and Quirky

Street Kings -- Didn't Like. Boring.

Trailer Park Boys (Season 6) -- Just Plain Genius

Trailer Park Boys (Season 7) -- Still Plain Genius

Virgin Territory -- Bad As Thought

Waitress -- Cute Funny Still

What Happens in Vegas -- Boring and Dumb

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