Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dancing With the Stars -- Week 8 Results

Holy crap... another whole hour long recap episode before the show? Really? That's called milking it baby.

We get a quick judges' breakdown of each of the dancers and we continue to get the feeling that Len absolutely hates poor Lance and I think it all comes from an animosity for Lacey who was a "so You Think You Can Dance?" Winner.

The dance they want to see again is Warren and Kym's Tango... It was my favorite too because.... the singers didn't sing and it was an all instrumental piece. I hate that band... I really do.

Samantha is in the back and she is a terrible interviewer as we get some awkward moments with Cody who has both Edyta and Julliane on his arm... making America jealous...

Brad Paisely is up and the "Draw" to this is that Lacey and her brother are going to dance together. Look... America... I love my sister, but I would never dance with her this way... It's just plain icky and gross.

It's time to save two couples... pretty early I think.

First saved!?!?!? Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson Cool.
Second saved? Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer That was a surprise to me.

In what I hope is an interesting time filler, Dr. Drew Pinsky will evaluate each of the remaining couple's relationships. Lance and Lacey are up first and Dr. Drew thinks that they want to win and they need to allow each others to feel their feelings. Warren and Kim are second and I got nothing out of that except that Warren is busy. Maurice and Cheryl are third and we re-learn that Maurice is competitive and can't communicate. The other two will be later.

For the Macy's Special Dance... it is the audience choice dance and we get more icky brother and sister dancing since it is Derek and Julianne Hough dancing on a piano. Ergh. Especially when Derek had his nuts on Julianne' neck.

More Dr. Drew -- Derek and Brooke are up fourth. Brooke and Derek relive their fights. Boring. Cody and Julianne are up last and she looks more like Heather Locklear each week... and Cody cries a bit too much... They hug and we get nothing really out of this.

Seriously... what is worse... 1. Finding out early that you are safe and HAVE TO DO THESE INANE interviews with Samantha or 2. Being the last couple to find out you are safe? Seriously.

Brad Paisley sings again... and I ... fast forward... Country music just sucks...

Brooke Burke & Derek Hough are saved third.

We finally come down to some incredible drama at the end of the episode... to see who is the couple that gets booted this week.

Maurice Greene & Cheryl Burke or Cody Linley & Edyta Sliwinski


Maurice Greene & Cheryl Burke are chucked.

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