Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

As a tribute to me... I wanted to re-relate one of my "Top Five Stories."

I am going to relate one of the greatest small world stories of my life and I hope that it translates well onto this medium.

I went to Rutgers and my Freshman year, I took Calculus class.

Like most large colleges, I was stuck in a 500+ person class with Freshmen galore.

I didn't know anyone in class and I sat down next to this random chick.

She and I struck up a conversation as class was going and we hit it off pretty well.

So much so, that we hung out at every class after that.

About three weeks into the semester, we realized that our birthdays were coming up relatively soon, so I asked, "When is your birthday?"

She replied with, "November 19th. Yours?"

I answered, "Me too! That's so cool."

We smiled...

"Don't think I am crazy, but where were you born?" I asked.

She named a hospital and I was shocked! It was the same hospital that I was born in.

Now that is a small world.

We each called our moms that night and found out that our parents shared a hospital room when we were born... a couple of minutes apart.

Now... THAT's a small world...

And pretty neat too.

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