Saturday, November 29, 2008

Role Models Moviegoing Experience

First Look
The Yes Man Sneak Preview
The Beast
The Cristmas Sweater

Bride Wars (Looks strangely interesting....)
Nobel Son (Uh? huh?
Twlight (Did they really think we didn't know it was already out?)
Fast and the Furious: New Model
The Uninvited (Looks really neat... )
The Unborn

Funny movie... but we expected a ton more...

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tangentwoman said...

I was surprised by how many previews there were for scary movies. Twilight was also sort of weird choice, for a number of reasons. Maybe there are no upcoming raunchy guy movies?

But my favorite thing about Role Models was the elderly couple three rows in front of us, who I kept thinking MUST have wandered into the wrong theater, and I kept wincing for them throughout the movie.