Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Dancing With the Stars, Week 3 Results Show

Before I forget...

We get a nice review of all of last night's dances... as we always do. Warren was awesome... Cloris was unique... and Samantha has earrings on that are bigger than her head.

Now... we get a special dance with Maksim and Edyta doing the dance that he was going to do with mIsty May Traenor.... EDYTA IS ON!!!!!!! and she is wearing school girl's clothes. I miss Edyta... even her fake leg warmers. *sigh*

The first couple continuing to the next round? Brooke Burke & Derek Hough Really? Duh.

The second couple saved is Cloris Leachman & Corky Ballas. WOW! They saved the worst score this early in the show? Fascinating.

In proper cross promotion, DWTS is promoting the upcoming show Life on Mars by having 70's icon Cool and the Gang doing a medley of their songs. Fun... fun... fun...

Here comes a montage of what each star thinks is their strengthes and weaknesses. STOP DOING THESE DAMN THINGS ABC!

The third couple saved is *cue dramatic music* Maurice Greene & Cheryl Burke -- poooooooooooooooooooooooop.

Samantha continues... CONTINUES to butcher the English language by doing backstage interviews. At least she's hot. Right ABC? Keep telling yourself that. It's interesting that Brooke Burke and Cloris Leachman are far more coherent than Samantha. Cloris is a train wreck, but we get to see her at least one more week.

ROCKETTES!!!!!!!!!! I have apparently met one of these lovely ladies or I am friends with one of her friends... (I can't figure it out all right now... I am just going to have to keep dating your daughter.) I am sure that an explanation will come soon? Please?

Now Jennifer Hudson bores us with her song and any respect that I had for her is gone because she is engaged to a contestant from I Love New York. Seriously. Welcome to the train to irrelevancy Jennifer. Welcome.

Ooooh! Another montage... three of the world's top choreography give us their takes on each of the dancers... Fast Forward rules.

Ooooh! Another montage... Now we get an insight into the injuries of the past few seasons... awesome.

The fourth couple saved in no particular order... Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson... another DUH and YAY!

The fifth couple saved, you ask? Toni Braxton & Alec Mazo

Samantha is given the opportunity to interview Warren and Toni. Poor America... Poor America... Kym is always so gracious and cute.

We are down to the final four and Tom sort of says off the cuff that no one is getting voted off this week because of the injury to Misty May. All scores and votes will count for next week. Talk about anti-climatic...

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THey are going to tell America who WOULD have gotten voted off. FASCINATINGLY... DULL.

They do a quick review of each dancer and what the judges said last night and then ask each judge what they thought as well. They are all so kind...

The next couple "safe" is Susan Lucci & Tony Dovolani
The next couple "safe" is Cody Linley & Julianne Hough
The next couple "safe" is Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer

The couple who WOULD have gone home is... in an incredibly anti-climatic moment .... Rocco DiSpirito & Karina Smirnof

See you next week.

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