Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Award -- A Retrospective

On the 22nd, I was given an amazingly humbling and wonderful award from a major business publication in the state.

I was named one of the Top Forty People Under 40 years old for my work in promoting business and community development throughout the state.


As just a 34 year old, I was one of the younger folks to be recognized and I thought it was a nice affair.

My beautiful wife and I rocked the place where we feted and ate some fantastic pasta.

I intended to write a bunch more, but I am still shocked and amazed at it.


Good times... Good times.


hyb said...

You're so going to own that list for the next 6 years. And then, they're going to change it to be Top 50 under 50 just so they can continue to put you on the list. Of course, all because you're married to your beautiful muh wife.

steakbellie said...

you are the winner of certain awards! Huzzah!