Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dancing With the Stars Week 5

Hey kids... before we begin... I feel that it is necessary to bring up that we just saw the second to last episode of one of the greatest shows on television... Mad Men. I will be sad when it ends in six days... It is such a spectacular show.

I also just heard that Mike Nolan was fired from the 49ers in such a disgraceful way... I am sick to my stomach for him (nothing against Mike SIngletary...) because of the crap way that the owners treated him.

And with that... we start the episode a bit late on DVR!!!!!!!!!!! LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Cloris was in the bottom two... and we get four new dances... West Coast Swing, Jitterbug, Salsa, and Hustle.

The stars make their way down and Brooke Burke evokes a reaction from me... with her pony tails. My wife agrees with me... so it must be alright.... right?

Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer come in first and they are happy with their breakthrough last week. Lance is feeling inadequate because everyone used to tell him that he was a bad dancer... so now... he has to be confident with the West Coast Swing... Lacey's dad was a world champion in it. It's a bit of a risque dance and of course Lacey brings it. It is Lacey's most normal outfit and it is actually appropriate. Uh oh! Lance falls down and gets up right away. Good for Lance as they have a very strong ending. Len thought that Lacey needs to show off the star. Bruno agreed. Carrie Ann was somewhat in agreement. This is the first time that a professional has taken such a beating. Interesting. -- (Scores 7, 7, 7 - for a total of 21)

Toni Braxton & Alec Mazo dance second. She was on Ellen today and wore an outfit that was more than interesting. She is also dancing the West Coast Swing and I feel pretty bored by her again. I am in shock because Alex takes Toni and LIFTS her and then swings her around about 5 times. TW and I are incredulous. It was an interesting dance and I am just not sure about this one. Bruno, Carrie, and Len are all "Eh..." -- (Scores 7, 7, 8 - for a total of 22)

TW and I can't figure out if Samantha Harris' hair dressers actually hate her or not.

Susan Lucci & Tony Dovolani dances third and I am surprised to hear that I am happy that she hurt herself... with some broken bones in her foot. She is going to dance the Hustle and after rehearsing a bunch, she whines about her ankle and goes to the doctor and gets an MRI. SHE'S GOING TO DANCE THROUGH THE PAIN THROUGH DOCTOR'S ORDERS!!!! She's gotta be on drugs as she has an even vacanter smile than before. Carrie was mediocre. Len was not wowed. Bruno wasn't fond of it. -- (Scores 7,7,8 - for a total of 22)

Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson disappointed everyone last week and he comes in ready and he's starting to drag a bit. Kym pushes him and he is physically back into the dancing again. They come out to the worst singing ever... through a horrible rendition of Funky Town and I think I really like the dance. I had a great time and it better score well. Len loved it. Bruno loved it. -- (Scores 8, 8, 9 - for a total of 25)

Cloris Leachman & Corky Ballas are going to dance the Salsa. Cloris' piece is all about her going out and meeting people on the streets. She has a new lease on life dancing the Salsa in practice and I can't imagine that this is going to be good at all. I was right... it just wasn't goood at all... and Corky has a lot of pauses in there so that there is less substance. Bruno complimented I think. Carrie is so weird about it as well. -- (Scores 7,7,7 - for a total of 21)

Maurice Greene & Cheryl Burke also dances the Salsa. He's gotta follow crowd favorite Cloris Leachman... and last week he was brought back to reality with his really crappy score last week. They are obviously out of sync because of this and Cheryl doesn't even feel comfortable with the dance herself and we get to see a lot of yelling and irritation with each other. That's some good tension. Now ... after watching that... they gotta dance together. I am not sure if it is the music or the fact that I am not sure what the dance is, but it doesn't really do anything for me until the end... which was cool. Carrie loved it and did some drama herself with a hug. Len was complimentary as was Bruno. -- (Scores 9,9,9 - for a total of 27)

Brooke Burke & Derek Hough are the first of two people to dance the Jitterbug. Derek has never danced the Jitterbug. They rely on the internet to give them pointers. Really? They look silly and it is a great dance. How did her boobs not fall out of that shirt? Len thinks that she was great. Bruno thought it was glorious. Carrie thought it was perfect. -- (Scores 10, 9, 10 - for a total of 29)

Cody Linley & Julianne Hough are up last and Julianne's outfit/wig/makeup is the absolute worst. In a funny bit. Julianne and Cody go spy on her brother and Brooke. Cody talks some trash and I am bored by him... he's 11. Their dance is full of tricks and it is a bunch of fun. Bruno liked it a lot as did Len and Carrie. -- (Scores 10, 9, 9 - for a total of 28)

Next week, they get to dance a dance and then... a group dance (an old school hip hop routine.... uh oh.)

Just to remind you... of tonight's scores...

Brooke Burke & Derek Hough -- 29
Cody Linley & Julianne Hough -- 28
Maurice Greene & Cheryl Burke -- 27
Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson -- 25
Toni Braxton & Alec Mazo -- 22
Susan Lucci & Tony Dovolani -- 22
Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer -- 21
Cloris Leachman & Corky Ballas -- 21


szg said...

I thought I saw Mad Men got picked up for another season ??

Smelmooo said...

Yeup... third season was announced this week, but Matt Weiner might not come back with the show. The show is just plain awesome.